Friday, 23 January 2009


mongrels: my favourite dog breed in the whole wide world! [lower parel station, platform no. 1]


  1. goodness, your photos are amazing. i am glad i stumbled in here.
    yesterday, in the area where i live, during a walk in the evening, i suddenly noticed that all the stray dogs were wearing collars. all of them. then i noticed someone bending and putting yet another collar on another dog. the strange thing was that the person putting collrs on the dogs was dressed like a tramp. not sure i figured what was going on.
    had he acknowledged my curious glance i would have asked him, but he was approaching a growling stray, collar in hand with fierce concentration...

  2. Love the light and I miss that daily commute by train.

  3. have adopted one and have him home for the past 5years. he is so cute and lovable. wish more people would adopt rather than buying pedigreed dogs and then abandoning them when bored...

  4. priya: well, i guess a dog is man's best friend. i have seen many strays being 'adopted' being adopted by urchins; says a lot about humanity...

    magiceye: i have adopted a stray cat as well and she is the best thing ever!