Saturday, 11 July 2009

do not spit

everyone spits paan [betel leaves] and tobacco all the time in india, and mumbai is no exception, in fact, it is the biggest spittoon in the country!
people spit out of buses, auto rickshaw drivers slow down at curbs so spit, truck drivres, pedestrians, you name it! there is really no wrong place or time to spit those parabolic paths of gruesome gob.
the only thing that remotely works at preventing this is God himself. God's pictures are plastered all over private properties to prevent people from spitting, it's one of the only spaces where Gods from multiple religions coexist.


  1. "... where Gods from multiple religions coexist"

    People do a lot of things in India, really. Stuff you capture here at mumbai is very interesting.
    Anyhow, the other day, I saw a non-indian, a white clicking an old man curled up on the footpath with a tiny rag covering him, with flies hovering all over his body. This was Colaba Causeway. I don't know if he was a photographer, but why would one want to capture such a thing as meaningless as that?