Thursday, 20 May 2010


so i collect hotel room photographs, i take them the next morning when we are packing and loading the bikes. always :)
i love photographs of used hotel rooms, they say so much about the people in it...
here is the collection from our ride to auroville.

suraj garden restaurant & lodge, sangumeshwar, maharashtra

nashville, socorro, goa

perpetual general stores & lodge, agonda, goa

ratna hotel, honawar, karnataka

bombay hotel, payyanur, kerala

lakshmi apartments lodge, palakkad, kerala

shantur maharaj, kukkal, tamil nadu

tourist cottages, palani, tamil nadu

sangam lodge, kumbakonam, tamil nadu

apollo lodge, chidabaram, tamil nadu

forecomers, auroville, tamil nadu

we rode from mumbai to kodaikanal for the ultimate frisbee tournament [we won 2, we lost 2!]
and from kodaikanal to auroville where we stayed for 2 months to dabble at this and that... flower pressing and collage-making at shradhanjali, organic farming, cycling, eating yummies...
we had a blast.
and i happened to eat the world's best chocolate ice cream... so!

also see nash's pillow series here!


  1. Honawar!!! That's my hometown! Thanks!!

  2. ha ha awesome! and palakkad is v's home!
    really really lovely dits. i wish helmets were tucked away in each snap. love!

  3. wow u guys had a great time. more pics diti

  4. Lovely series. And that's a route you guys took to Pondi. Waiting for the rest of the images!

  5. the last one, is it a hotel? this is simple but awesome, diti. good work!

  6. Yeah. Palakkad! My home town

  7. thanks everyone!
    the last one is a guest house, a small cottage on stilts in a community called forecomers...

  8. wow diti.. i love the series/
    would make a lovely coffee table book :)
    I will buy it for sure

  9. This is lovely, such character some of these places have.

    That Nashville place is a hotel? :0

    It is my dream space for reals.

  10. thanks kini! i have so many more from my travels all over india, i really should make a book!

    that's nash's place in goa!

  11. That's what I thought. It's gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

    Make a book Diti!

  12. come to goa anytime!

    i know i should. i have so may series, i just love collecting! will figure...