Sunday, 18 July 2010

the Irani Restaurants of Bombay

Anyone who lives in Mumbai feels a sense of nostalgia about its numerous family-run Irani cafes because they have always been there and they have never ever changed.

As soon as you enter in one it's like you are transported back in time...; the circular darkwood chairs, marble tables, checkered tablecloths, brun maska, kheema pao and the famous milky chai... and not to forget the eccentric owners and waiters who impose 'rules' such as 'no sitting for long', 'no combing of hair', etc...! Most of us have so many memories of time spent in an Irani Cafe... bunking college lectures, they were the best and most affordable places to go to!

And so, anyone who lives in Mumbai is also saddened as they are fading out, mainly due to changing social trends: changing tastes, increased competition, and no successors to carry on the business. Who would have thought :(

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  1. Such atmosphere! Your photos tell a story of an ancient culture and it's place in modern times. I love the journey!