Monday, 26 March 2012

Holi in Mathura

This was my first Holi away from home, away from the comfort and familiarity of celebrating with friends and family right outside the building compound.

And what a place we chose! Mathura. Lord Krishna's birthplace. Land of the holy river, Yamuna. People immersed in the spirit of devotion, mischief and romance.

Devotees from all parts of the country throng the holy land to witness the spirit of the festival. And so, in spite of several warnings from friends and strangers [it can get pretty rowdy], we went!

Take a look at John's post on Mathura here! I just love what he has written, and of course, his Holi tee is an epic souvenir! :D


  1. Love the pictures diti.. very expressive.

  2. wow!...lots of people...lots of amazing things to watch....thanks for an insight....

  3. Diti,

    Really Nice work..As always...........

  4. One can feel the electric, super charged atmosphere
    just looking at the pictures! Brilliant!

  5. I can hear the drums, the chanting and feel the vibe of that temple by looking at those.
    What an experience and what a record of it!