Sunday, 8 April 2012

Traditional dwellings of Kutch

Typically round walled with a conical roof made of dry grass, the Bhunga is sturdy, climate friendly and socially engaging. It is such a humble yet grand structure: so dim and cool inside in contrast to the harsh, dry heat outside, so colourful and vibrant as opposed to the arid landscape it stands on, so spacious in spite of it's modest size.
I immediately fell in love.


  1. Love the pics and love the feel.. where in kutch is this village .. someday! soon , i would love to go there!!!

  2. thanks, all!
    these photographs are taken from several villages across rural kutch as a part of the awesome Matsya Craft Tour!
    do get in touch with Neha from Matsya [] if you would like to go someday.