Thursday, 25 October 2012

blanket for my baby nephew

i crocheted! while sitting at parks and waiting at tables and riding the bus...


  1. i was just thinking about your blog last night. and now there's an update. yay!

    love the blanket. so fab :)

  2. fantastic piece of work!! And love the wonderfully lit picture of you and the blanket :)

  3. thanks!
    sunny, that picture is so love;y because you took it! smartie.

  4. i would love to know how to do this

  5. pretty darn cool - this blog! and your way of storytelling!

    ...and your blanket too, the nephew is lucky :)

    following you! check us out at Aalayam


  6. This unique piece of art takes me back to one of our artisan whom i worked with when i started my journey in the eastern part of Kutch in Bachahau in 2001 post earthquake.

    I still recollect no one else in the Ambliyara(village name) would pick up galicha design.(local names are given by artisans in order to identify the designs only hansa ben would do this she enjoyed working white backgrounds & pastel colours similarly like you ....its amazing to get reconnected to them again with your wonderful crochet .....