Tuesday, 24 March 2009


day 2 of the graffiti demonstration on chapel road, bandra by slave farm, a group of hip-hop artists ranging from, rappers, djs, break dancers and graffiti artists from france.


  1. Amazing...!! India hosting such beauties is a good step ahead..!!! My mom would definitely kill me if I would bring even a hint of it at home....


  2. If this was done by our local Bandra boy (not with connection to the french grafiti artists) he would have got so much scolding I tell you it's no joke. Fuckers parents would be been called for society meeting on sunday morning 9am. How embarrassing would that be, huh?

  3. Anonymous # 2

    Anonymous # 1

  4. where is your cycle wala post???
    can't find it???

  5. chapel road and bazaar road are quite chilled out actually. i am a part of this group called 'the wall project' on facebook [do join, it's open to all] and the residents there are very eager for us to paint on their walls. we are usually there on sundays.

    the cycle wala post will be up in a couple of days. so much to post so everyone is waiting in line for their day to arrive! :)