Sunday, 1 February 2009


lower parel vegetable market.
[january has come to an end, and what a month it has been! i was so excited and nervous about starting this blog, about the challenge of creating one image a day. and now i know how much fun it is, i'm truly having a blast!!!
thanks to all for being a part of each day!!!]


  1. These are poignant impressions, I am really impressed. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Really enjoying your series of everyday life in Bombay. In real life, one is rushing past and never stops to notice the beauty of a well stacked fruit stand.

  3. You know what you have inspired me :)
    i am planning to start one too

  4. every time need a break from work from surfing ..break from smoke break break, break from randomness, break from emotional aatchayar, Break from whatever … is the place.. Congratulation for worldwide record breaking success… with this news I need to come every day to this place….

    And this calls for jalasa party

    keep clicking. keep uploding