Monday, 16 February 2009

so much fun.

Sudharak Olwe: Kamathipura-The Changing Space

Jyotika Jain: Ladies Special-Myraid Moments

Photography Promotion Trust presents photographs from the workshop for children of Conservancy workers by Ravi Shekhar

Me! Within these moments, they are.

Dia Mehta: Intuitive Synchrony for Dynamic Transformation

Verses by Surendra Rao

Sunil Malkani

Professor Naik

It has been a memorable week for me at the Kala Ghoda Festival. So much learned, so many invaluable friends attained!


  1. Wonderful series of shots! They capture the involvement of the average person very well.

  2. Well done, Diti. As usual, you've managed to capture the essence of the little corner of the parking lot that was almost home for nine days!

  3. fanasttic diti.. u r the winner!

  4.'re such a GREAT photographer!!!